Enjoy Your Sleep on a High Quality Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are very different in both their construction materials and their sleeping benefits when compared to conventional mattresses, offering pressure relief and an incredibly relaxing and muscle soothing night’s sleep. Below are the detailed benefits of a memory foam mattress over traditional mattresses.

Temperature Sensitive Material

Memory foam is a material, constructed with technology inspired by NASA, which changes its consistency according to your body temperature. As your body temperature rises the mattress becomes softer allowing your muscles to relax and ensuring a more comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep.

Pressure Relief

Enjoy Your Sleep on a High Quality Memory Foam MattressMemory foam has extraordinary pressure distribution. As you sleep your body weight is evenly spread to provide relief for the pressure points of your body, such as your shoulders, knees and hips. The memory foam mattress conforms to your body and removes the point of pressure to enable a relaxing sleep and perfect relaxation for joints and muscles.

Fits Your Sleeping Posture

Memory foam mattresses align to your sleeping posture allowing you to experience supreme comfort all night and wake up without any aches or pains. Many people find that by sleeping on traditional mattresses they wake up during the night with a sore back or shoulder and cannot get back to sleep. A traditional mattress does not conform to every sleeping posture and can create joint and muscle problems and pains due to its inability to adjust to the pressure points of the body. A memory foam mattress aligns to the body and allows you to sleep in a position that is comfortable to you and fits your sleeping posture. So if you suffer from regular joint, muscle or back pain a memory foam mattress could be the answer to help relieve the pain.

Relieves Allergies

Enjoy Your Sleep on a High Quality Memory Foam MattressMemory foam mattresses are made from inorganic fibers and polyurethane foam that are allergenic. The result is that memory foam mattresses are very beneficial to those who suffer from allergies to dust, debris and dead skin. These allergy triggers cannot penetrate the memory foam mattress. Traditional mattresses collect all of these particles and they become trapped in the mattress producing problems for those with allergies and a breeding ground for dust mites and other miniature bugs. A memory foam mattress will keep you safe from allergies.

Quiet Nights Sleep Next To Your Partner

Traditional mattresses are often made using springs and other materials that can make a lot of noise during the night. Many people are woken up by their partner rolling over or changing their posture during the night and the mattress creating a loud noise that disturbs them and wakes them from sleep. Memory foam mattresses are made from materials that are silent and will not make a noise when your partner moves position or rolls over during the night, perfect for couples.


The durability of a mattress is of course important when deciding on a purchase and may be the main priority in a mattress decision. Memory foam mattresses are very sturdy and durable and when looked after will last for much longer than a traditional mattress.

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